Sunday, February 12, 2017

First Birthday Gift Idea - Pinhole Press

Stuck on what to get your little one for their first birthday? They probably have all the toys they need right? That's how I was feeling weeks before Sawyer's first birthday. Between the toys from his two older sisters, the toys from Christmas, and the toys he would get at his birthday party - I was not about to just get another toy just so he could open something big. I searched and searched, then I stumbled upon an excellent idea. A personalized board book! It can serve as a toy AND a keepsake. It was the perfect idea. I found a great website to order from: Pinhole Press. It allows you to create a completely customized board book of names and faces for your child. I received it in about a week and a half and the quality was excellent. The uploaded pictures look exactly as they do on the computer. It's sturdy enough to last through the baby and toddler years. So here's a look inside the one we just gave Sawyer first his first birthday -

I hope seeing pictures of the actual product will help in making your decision!

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  1. Superb! This is such a cute gift. I am going to make it for my sister. She will turn 16 next month and mom has booked one of the nicest Chicago venues for her birthday celebration. I will be decorating the place and I must start looking for a book like this or I should just make one. Thanks for the idea, it is amazing!