Monday, June 27, 2016

Recipe: Lactation Oatmeal

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I've had MANY struggles during my time with breastfeeding. My  #1 trouble is not making enough milk, which was evidenced by his lack of weight gain. Since he had a nursing strike early on at around 2 weeks, we have been mainly pumping since. Pumping just doesn't get your body making milk like a nursing baby would, and it's a lot of work. One thing i'm doing to help my milk supply is eating foods that are known to help increase milk production (known as galactagogues). After searching through a bunch of recipes, I put together a few different ones and made one that I liked. To me, it tastes very similar to Maple Brown Sugar oatmeal. I've been putting the dry ingredients into zip lock bags and making a couple at time, to last me a few days. Easy on the go snack to grab before work too. Oatmeal should basically be a nursing mom's staple breakfast!

Gather up ingredients, most you probably already have. The Brewer's Yeast I purchased from Amazon and you really can't taste it in there at all, I know the taste can be a common complaint.

Here is the recipe:

Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl then add hot water until you get the consistency you like for oatmeal. Once mixed, I then add a drizzle of syrup (or honey) on top. You can also add almond milk, dried fruit, or nuts. Enjoy each morning for breakfast or for a quick snack throughout the day.

Here is the Brewer's Yeast I purchased:

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